Advanced Photography

Spring 2012



         Monte H. Gerlach                                      Art 317       3 credits

         Office A-221                                             Office hours T/TH 3:00 to 5:00         

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         Business Phone  708-354-3255                                                                             


 Photography has undergone a paradigm shift. The familiar world of the darkroom is now an heirloom tradition.  The shift to digital from analog was slow to come but at the turn of the century the trickle of change became a landslide.  Advanced Photography will continue to honor the craft of silver and chemicals but digital photography will be the main tool.  The use of professional equipment and studio lighting will prepare the student to step into the commercial photography world.  Emphasis on portraiture, still life and fashion will be the studio aspects.  Theme and conceptual assignment will expand the studentŐs creativity. Most importantly we will explore creative thought processes that photographers need to develop to express their personal vision of the world.      



           Coming to class on time is your responsibility.  You paid for the privilege to attend this class.

Do not waste it.  Chronic unexcused absences (4) will result in the studentŐs grade  being lowered by one letter grade.  Missing in-class shoot will have a deep impact on your grade. It will be the studentŐs responsibility to generate those photographs.  Failure to come prepared to class, i.e. bring camera, film, negatives props or models is the same as being absent.   Quizzes will be given if 1/3 of the students are not present when class starts. A class participation grade will give to acknowledge your efforts.       



           Late work will be graded down one letter grade. Late work cannot be resubmitted.



           All assignments can be redone at any time during the semester provided that they have been         turned in on time.  Use resubmits to improve on your photographs and grades.



           All assignments, contact sheets, negatives, handouts, class notes, data sheets, and other useful      stuff should be kept and available for final presentation.       



            The Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby


            The View Camera by Jim Stone


            Color by Robert Hirsh



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Class Schedule



            Jan. 10 Introduction: The Creative Process

                                    A kick in the seat of the pants.   A whack on the side of the head.

                                                Assign:            Theme Images & Personal Project.



            Jan. 17    See the Light - Lecture on Portraiture

                                                                        Introduction to the View Camera

                                                                        Supplies Due


            Jan. 24    Shoot:         Portraiture - Student Practice

                                                                        (Bring cameras Memory cards & film)

                                                                        Set up lights, sets and view cameras.


         Jan. 31   Into the Darkroom: Wet and Virtual Personal Projects Discussed

                                                                        4:30 PM Before class - B&W Film Development

                                                Demo:             First half  - Photoshop and Lightroom

                                                                        Second half  - B&W Printing 


            Feb. 7     Retouching & Printing                    

                                    Demo           Scanning Negatives, Photoshop printing controls

                                                                        Select teams  - plan portrait shoot

                                                Critique:        Classmates Portraits

                                                      Two Personal Projects

                                                                         All prints must be matted and ready by 8:00



            Feb. 14   Portrait Shoots      Teams provide their own models and props.

                                                                        Do the hair and make up.  Construct their sets and lighting.                          


            Feb. 21   Studio Lighting - Class will not be cancelled.

                                                Practice           View camera   

                                                Demo:                         Still LifeÉSelect teams - Plan shots - load film.

                                                Assign:            Zone System Extremes and Conceptual Still Life

                                                Critique:        Studio Portraits

                                                      Environmental Portraits

                                                      Two Theme assignments

                                                                        All prints must be matted and ready by 8:00            


            Mar. 6    STILL LIFE SHOOT                                            

                                                Shoot:                        Bring objects, models, props, backgrounds, and 4x5 film

                                                                        Teams must build sets, and shoot at least one still life with 4x5

                                                                        Extreme Ends - Black on Black or White on White

                                                                        Conceptual Still Life  - Egg or Light bulb

                                                                        Open Still life 




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            Mar. 13  Open Lab, Open Studio

                                                Discuss;          Theme assignments

                                                Shoot:              Additional still life or spend the time printing.

                                                                        Teams are the same.   



            Mar. 20 Fashion                                Select Teams - Plan Fashion Shoot

                                                Critique:        Two Personal Projects

                                                      Conceptual Still Life

                                                      Extreme Ends

                                                      Open Still life

                                                                        All prints must be matted and ready by 7:30



            Mar. 27  FASHION SHOOT      

                                                Bring:              Models, wardrobe, props, set up lights and sets

                                                                        Do the hair and make up.

                                                                        First two teams early - done at 7:30

                                                                        Second two teams start at 7:30 clean up          


            April 3   Staged or Directed Images

                                                                        No lab time                

                                                Critique:        Studio Fashion & Location Fashion            

                                                                        All prints must be matted and ready by 8:00



            April 10 Portfolios & Websites

                                                                        Select teams - Plan concepts

                                                Critique:        Two Personal Projects

                                                      Two Themes

                                                                        All prints must be matted and ready by 8:00


            April 17 Directed image Shoot

                                                Bring:              Models, props, set up lights and sets

                                                                         First two teams early - done at 7:30

                                                                        Second two teams start at 7:30


            April 24          Business of Photography

                                                                        Open Lab, Open Studio



            May 1    Final Portfolio - Directed Image  - Personal Projects – Website



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 Assignments are due on the date noted at the time noted in syllabus either 7:30 or 8:00. Prints not ready at that time will be graded as late.  Students should submit more than one example of each assignment (limit 3). All prints must be 8x10 over matted on 11x14 board or printed on 11x14 or 11x17 paper, appearance counts. Contact sheets generated by film or digital, (20-30) must be attached to the back of each assignment.  A data sheet must be filled out and must include a lighting diagram or each image.  Signed model releases must be submitted for every recognizable person in any photograph.  Failure to follow these procedures will cause your grade to be lowered 5 points.


      Date Due:


Jan.  17       Supplies Due  -  Students must have and show:

1.   ten blank CDŐs or DVD

2.   CD sleeves 

3.   Permanent  CD safe marker

4.   1g or bigger jump drive,

5.   1g  or bigger media card

6.   6 window mat boards 11x14 with 8x10 holes. 30 points   80 points total.


Feb.  7          Personal Project – 8 prints four  different dates

Mar. 20                 This is like the final project in Intro class, where the student decides on their concept       

April 10                or theme and carries it through the entire semester. Topics must be approved before                     

May 1                   Feb. 7.  Minimum of two images due on these four dates.  New images on new                  

                              contacts must be generated for each due date. Fashion, Still Life, and Studio                       

                              Portraits are not allowed, as they will be prime assignments. Resubmits should be            

                              used if the student changes their topic during the semester.


Feb. 21         Theme Assignment – 6 prints two different dates

April 10                Do two  different Themes from the following assignments. Three or more can be done for extra credit. Any format is acceptable. Two are due at each date listed. You can do the same two Themes for all three critiques or explore different Themes for each crit.


            Time:       Photography is one of the few mediums that can portray the constant progression of

                              time.  Illustrate time.


            Homage to the Masters

                              Select a master photographer and mimic or copy their style, subject matter or             

                              concepts. It would be nice to provide examples of their work at critique.


                              All photos lie, but few are illusionary.  Illustrate the illusions of photography.


            Gender Deconstruction

Explore how gender is coded and recognized in American society.  Make images that reflect and comment on how our society and our media define us.  Photos similar to the Fashion or Directed shoot cannot be used.


                  Student Select a Theme Topic.

                                    Students will generate ideas for this theme and vote for their favorite.


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Feb. 7  Student Portrait Practice 

                                    Three different Lighting styles.

                                     One of which must be hard or direct light.

One print must be from B&W 4x5 film. 

One print must be from digital.

Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet. Model releases and contact sheets attached to the back of the prints

                                    Two Additional lighting Styles are Extra Credit


Feb 7   Two Personal Project prints


Feb. 21 Portraits

                              Using formal studio lighting create three stunning portraits with three different

lighting styles. Any format.

One portrait must convey an emotional state. 

One must have two people in it.

Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet. Model releases and contact sheets attached to the back of the prints.

                              Extra Credit:  Up to 5 different lighting styles can be done two will be extra credit.


Feb. 21 Environmental Portrait

Make a portrait of your subject in an environment that reveals additional information and leads the viewer to a deeper understanding of the person.  Any format.


Feb. 21  Two Theme Assignments


Still Lifes            

Mar. 20  Extreme Ends         White on White or Black on Black

                              Using the Zone System for exposure and development find or create photographs

                              that are:     White on White or Black on Black                       

Must be done on black and white 4x5 film. Can be photographed, as a team but everyone must have their own prints Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet. Model releases and contact sheets attached to the back of the prints.

                  Extra Credit Do Both


Mar. 20  Conceptual Still Life

Your subject can be either an egg or a light bulb photographed with a view camera or any other format. This image can be photographed, as a team but everyone must have their own prints. Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet.

                              Extra Credit:  Do both


      Mar. 20   Open Still life     

                                    Create a still life that is more than a record. We are not selling products but visual concepts.    Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet.          Can be photographed, as a team but everyone must have their own prints


      Mar. 20  Two Personal Project Prints                    



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April 7  Fashion

                                    Sell the clothes or life style.  Any format.  Three to six prints. Engage a model(s) and  

                                    arrange for them to bring at least three outfits or styles.  Think about glamour, youth,

                                    and sport styles that will of course depend on your model. It often easier for you to   

                                    have the model do their own hair and make up but if you need to arrange for someone                          to help you with these tasks. Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the

                                    data sheet. Model releases and contact sheets attached to the back of the prints



      April 3                  Glamour/Makeup, Perfume or Jewelry on a body

                                    Extra Credit: Take a beauty head shot or sell a fragrance, Make up, or jewelry.          

                                    Lighting styles must be diagramed and identified on the data sheet. Model releases

                                    and contact sheets must be attached to the back of the prints



      April 3                  Location Fashion

                                    Take a model and wardrobe outside to explore this great city as a background. Fill       

                                    flash is recommended. One to three prints, Lighting styles must be diagramed and       

                                    identified on the data sheet. Model releases and contact sheets must be attached to the

                                    back of the prints. Not your backyard or campus locations.



April 10    Two Themes and Two Personal Projects



May 1       Directed or Stage Image

Come up with a concept and organize some actors or models to stage the ŇeventŐ or concept. One to three prints, any format. Can also be a series of images.



May 1       Two Theme and Two Personal Projects

                                     Two new theme assignments and two new personal project prints are due.  Also  

                                    bring in all of your Personal Project prints done this semester, for a group show.



May 1       Final Portfolio

All your best images of the semester presented in a portfolio case. You should have 12 to 18 images and can include the new images that are due today as well as any image that you think will strengthen your portfolio. This portfolio will be given three grades – student average, presentation, and overall impression.



May 1       Website

Create a Photoshop or Lightroom Web Gallery for your final portfolio. This will be graded. Copyright notice should be visible on all photographs.



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Due to the limited space and equipment we will have to simulate the real world experience of studio photographers who have assistants, stylists, and art directors to help them create their shots. We will be working in teams of 3-4 people, each member of the team will act as photographer, art director, and assistant during the in class photo sessions. The week before the instructor will form teams. The group will have some time to discuss their ideas and formulate plans for the next week shoot. 


On shooting days space and equipment will be awarded on a first come bases. Students will have to design and build the sets and lighting schemes. Engage their models, or subjects.  Bring their props and wardrobes and arrange for hair and make up.


If this team idea is to work, each member must realize that everyone on the team should have the time and help to complete his or her assignment at the highest level possible. Co-operation and consideration will make this experience beneficial for everyone. All sets and equipment must be cleaned up and rooms returned to their previous state before anyone can leave class.  All borrowed equipment must be returned before the end of class. Class participation grade will be partially based on how well the student works with their teams.



            Photographic assignments                3000 points

                              Which include      

                                    Supplies                      80

                                    Personal Project          800

                                    Theme Assignments    400

                                    Student Portraits         300

                                    Portraits                      300

                                    Environment Portraits            100

                                    Extreme Ends              100

                                    Conceptual Still Life   100

                                    Open Choice Still Life100

                                    Fashion                       300

                                    Location Fashion        100

                                    Directed/Staged           100



                              a. Presentation                  100 points

                              b. Overall Impression       100 points

                              c. Student average             100 points

                              d. Website                         100 points                                          


            Class participation                              100 points


                  Total points                                        3280points





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            Grading of photographs will be based on the following criteria

                              1.          Content/subject/originality/inventiveness

                              2.          Composition/presentation of content/originality of seeing

                              3.          Technical quality

                              4.          Presentation/mounting/spotting


Class participation:  The instructor feel students contributions and co-operation during class, particularly in teams and critiques, is critical to both the student's growth and the success of the course.  Average participation will result in a "C" grade.  Failure to participate or disruptive behavior will result in a lower grade, while exuberance and perceptive comment will result in a higher grade.  The participation grade will also be based on the quality of effort put forth during the semester.

            Quizzes could be factored in depending on attendance.


Extra Credit

            Extra Credit is offered to help the student achieve the grade that they want.  Extra Credit can be  

            turned in late but like regular assignments cannot be resubmitted if turned in late.


                              Theme Assignment –two different themes are always due. Extra Credit if three or    

                              more different themes are turned in. 


                              Student Portraits – three different lighting styles are due. Extra Credit if four or        

                              five different lighting styles are turned in.


                              Formal Portraits - three different lighting styles are due. Extra Credit if four or          

                              five different lighting styles are turned in.


                              Still life – one 4x5 is due. Extra Credit - for every additional still life done in 4x5.


                              Extreme Ends – White/White or Black/Black - do both for Extra Credit.


                              Conceptual Still Life – Egg or Light Bulb - do both for Extra Credit.


                              Glamour/Makeup, or Fragrance Photograph


Extra Credit Point Translation

                                    100   -  20 points         89-88 -14 points                     79-76 – 9 points

                                    99-98 -19 points         87-86 -13 points                     77-76 – 8 points

                                    97-96 -18 points         85-84 –12 points                    75-74 - 7 points

                                    95-94 –17 points        83-82 –11 points                    73-72 - 6 points

                                    93-92 –16 points        81-80 –10 points                    71-70 – 5 points

                                    91-90 –15 points









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Learning Center


            If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact     the      Learning Center and Disability Services (LCDS) in L-108 or call (773) 298-3308 for an appointment to discuss your needs and the process for    requesting             accommodations.  LCDS is responsible for coordinating    disability-related    accommodations and will issue students with documented disabilities ŇConfidential Accommodation PlanÓ letters, as appropriate.            Since accommodations may        require early planning and generally are not      retroactively, please contact LCDS as   soon as possible


 Terminal Objectives


                              1.  When the course is completed the student will be able to:


                           a. Use a view camera and understand its controls

                           b. Understand and use a variety of photographic lights

                           c. Make professional portraits Fashion and still life photos

                           d. Understand the wide range of studio problems and capabilities

                           e. Have a better understanding of exposure and development

                           f. Put together a usable portfolio

                           g. Have a working understanding of contemporary trends in             



         The instructor reserves the right to change this syllabus at anytime to improve the         






















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Instructional Uses of Technology

The content, delivery and assessment of this course is augmented by the use of the following academic technologies:

Tools/Applications Used to Aid in the Delivery of Instructional Content

á  Power Point

á  Panopto Lecture Capture

á  Blackboard Learning Management System

á  Podcasting

á  Video Cameras

á  Interactive Whiteboard

á  Digital Cameras

á  Website Creation Software

á  Content Area Software Applications (Adobe Photoshop, Painter)

á  Social Networking (Facebook)

á  ePortfolios

á  Digital Editing Tools


Student Use of Technology

21st Century Literacy skills are enhanced through the studentsŐ use of the following academic technologies:

á  PowerPoint Presentation

á  Panopto Lecture Capture

á  Blackboard Learning Management System

á  Digital Cameras

á  Content Area Software Applications (Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

á  Social Networking (Facebook)

á  ePortfolios

á  Website Development Tools

á  Digital Editing Tools














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Group darkrooms can be a very enjoyable place where one can work and learn in the company of

their fellow students. For some a mass darkroom can be a problem, for others it is the last circle.  How this one works this semester depends mostly on you.  All that is required is that you follow our common sense procedures, ask questions of things you do not understand, and be courteous to classmates.  Remember that we have the choice of bringing the level of craftsmanship in the darkroom up to the level of the professional or of keeping it at the level of the careless and sloppy.  We are all in this together, so lend a hand in the maintenance of your darkroom and studio.


            1.        Please observe the posted procedures for processing both film and paper.  Ask the

                       Instructor if you have any questions.  Failure to use proper procedures can result in the

                       contamination of both the chemistry and other students work.


            2.        I am not your cleaning person.  Photographic chemicals leave a residue when dry.  If

                       you spill anything, WIPE IT UP COMPLETELY, with a wet and dry towel.  If you

                       don't want something throw it away.


            3.        All equipment coming contact with chemistry or water must be rinsed clean and

                       thoroughly dried.  You are required to bring a towel the lab each time. 


            4.        For safety sake and for extending the life of the equipment



            5.        Students are responsible for the loss or damage of any equipment.  Take care of the

                       equipment like it was your own.


            6.        NO SMOKING in the lab, classroom or around the instructor.


            7.        No food or drink in the darkroom or Mac Lab


            8.        Students are responsible for their own work from the beginning until it leaves the lab,

That includes washing, drying, and removing all prints and film from the lab.  Any prints left at any stage will be discarded.


            9.        Work is allowed only during open school hours.  You must leave time for clean up

                       before you leave.